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Sushi Food Truck

Japanese Food
Sushi food truck

A Sushi Food Truck is configured with special equipment such as a refrigerated merchandiser to be on the top of the counter, soup dispensers, food warmers and the required equipment and features established by the County.  This truck was made at customer’s request to be as efficient as possible. 

Fried chicken food truck

The fried chicken food truck was specially designed to prepare and to sell doughnuts and fried chicken. This food truck was customized with specialized equipment needed for the delivery of the products. This food truck comes with all the standards required by the Los Angeles Health Department and the extras needed by the customer.

Mediterranean food truck

A Mediterranean food truck it’s constructed with the required equipment as per customer’s instructions. The arrangement is unique and must be in the proper order to be as efficient as possible.  Built from a solid base and firm structure, this food truck delivers a reliable place of business for business. 

Gyros Food Truck

King's Gyros & Kabob

This Gyros Food Truck was built at customer’s specifications and the equipment was arranged in a way to be as productive as posible by setting It up in the right order. The customer was aware of the regulations and standards of the Health Department and understood the process for building it. We put our best knowledge in this truck and this is the result. 

Food truck for rent

E&A Food trucks

A food truck for rent is built which as much as standard equipment inside. It needs to cover several international cooking categories. The food truck is built with the highest standards to meet the City requirements and to meet the Health Department regulations. 

Amazing Food Truck

Smhoking Pot
extra large food truck

This amazing food truck is an Extra Large mobile kitchen. – This is an extra-large #foodtruck. It comes totally equipped and it met the requirements of the City authorities at the time of its delivery to the original owner. Only industrial equipment is used in the manufacturing of a food truck as required by law.

halal food truck

The Halal Food truck is especially made to prepare and to sell Mediterranean food. The food truck comes with everything you need to delivery your products to your customers. Microwaves, Steamer, Griddle, Doner Machines, etc. etc. We at Kareem Carts can customize a food truck for you for the type of food that you are going to be selling.

Churros Truck with the open windows

A churros truck differs from the typical food truck due to the equipment installed inside. This truck was designed by the customer and we sat together to coordinate the manufacturing and correct arrangement of the commercial appliances inside. The truck was manufactured form a-to-z, that is. We start by building a solid structure inside the truck to accommodate the equipment and to have enough storage space for the user. Then it is finished in stainless steel not only to make it look beautiful, but to let it be easy to clean and to maintain. 

grilling Food Truck

This hamburger food truck was built inside a 22″ box truck. It is very roomy and can accommodate several people to work inside. Includes top of the line equipment and it is finished in stainless steel. Diamond plate floor and c-thru ceiling.

Coffee Serving – Food Truck

Designed for coffee serving
Coffee Truck by Kareem Carts

This coffee serving truck was built at customer’s request and it is specially made to serve coffee in the city. It is compact buy It comes complete for its purpose, with its center display and two top drains on the main counter. In the front it has storage and in the back it does come with the hand wash sink as required by law. An under-counter refrigerator is included. Also the truck comes with plenty of room in the top shelving area. This truck as any other truck built in our company is made to last. it is beautifully finished in stainless steel.

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