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Pop Corn Cart, mounted on a trailer it is a very popular cart among sellers at fairs and parks. It is built on a solid frame and finished on stainless steel. Due to its size it is easy to haul and to maneuver. For the operator is easy and convenient to use as it has many storage space.

Pop Corn and Shaved Ice Trailer Cart

The Pop Corn and Shaved ice cart was especially designed to sell such products and to be easy to operate. It is the perfect size to move around and to sell your products at stationary places. The construction is 100& stainless steel along with durable clear plexiglass to offer a convenient way to show your products and the way they are being made.


  • Pop corn machine
  • Shaved ice machine
  • Ice chest compartment
  • Hand wash sink
  • Soap dispense
  • Cups Dispenser
  • Bottom shelving
  • Etc..

This cart is your perfect choice to start your own business. If you decide to sell shaved ice, or pop corn, or both. Please contact us.

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kettle popcorn cart

The kettle popcorn trailer combination cart is a magnificent unit to sell multiple items in public places. This cart offers the convenience to sell kettle popcorn, churros, shaved ice, fruit and cold beverages to the public. It is made from a solid base and finished in stainless steel.

Pop Corn Cart (Custom Built)

  • Specially designed to sale pop corn
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Storage
  • Plexiglass Windows
  • Display area


Cart specially made for the selling of pop corn.

  • Kettle machine
  • Two folding tables on the side
  • Hydraulic closing doors
  • Hand washing sink
  • Trash compartment
  • Storage
  • Serving area
  • display Area
  • Can be customized at customer’s request


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