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Shaved ice and fruit Cart -  (4)
Shaved ice & Fruit Cart Mounted on a trailer

This cart is a combination of two of the most products sold, shaved ice and fruit. The cart is built our of a solid base and finished in stainless steel with c-thru panels in the top area. It comes with the equipment required to deliver such products. It is a medium size cart as it accommodates an area for the fruit as well a section for the display.


  • Refrigerator
  • Shaved ice machine
  • Generator
  • Hand wash sink
  • Ice chest area for the fruit
  • Display area
  • Bottom storage
  • C-thru panels
  • Umbrellas
  • Trailer

The cart met the Health Department Requirements at the time of its delivery to its original buyer. The carts is easy to maneuver and to transport. Usually these type of carts are wrapped to give it an unique look.

Come and get yours at Kareem Carts. For your convenience, we work with leasing companies [...]

With umbrellas

Pop Corn and Shaved Ice Trailer Cart

The Pop Corn and Shaved ice cart was especially designed to sell such products and to be easy to operate. It is the perfect size to move around and to sell your products at stationary places. The construction is 100& stainless steel along with durable clear plexiglass to offer a convenient way to show your products and the way they are being made.


  • Pop corn machine
  • Shaved ice machine
  • Ice chest compartment
  • Hand wash sink
  • Soap dispense
  • Cups Dispenser
  • Bottom shelving
  • Etc..

This cart is your perfect choice to start your own business. If you decide to sell shaved ice, or pop corn, or both. Please contact us.

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Snow Cone Trailer Cart

It Includes the electric shaved ice machine
Snow Cone Cart

Can be used for parties, pool, patios, and businesses. Solidly constructed out of high-quality materials. This cart is very easy to transport and to maintain. The cart is finished in stainless steel to keep the cart clean at all times.

Snow Cone, Shaved Ice Trailer Cart with Soda Bin

Includes the electric shaved ice machine
Vendor's view

Snow Cone, Shaved Ice Trailer

A very popular cart in Southern California to sell snow cones and cold beverages. This cart is built o a solid metal base and finished in stainless steel. It is mounted on a trailer to facilitate its transportation.

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