Another example of our work

This cart is not for sale. It is for the sole purpose of showing our work.

Fruit Push Cart

Pre Packed Fruit Push Cart 

Ice Bin For Fruit

4″ X 40″ X 25″
Capacity 14.2 Gal
Shelve (12″ X 30″)
Enclosures (25″ X 26″ X 24″ )
Dry Food Storage (25″ X 26″ X 28″)

Waste Water Tank for 1/3 of the size of the fruit (10″ X 8″ X 25″) Provided with shut-off valve & air vent pipe to the ground
Storage compartment separated
Two Umbrellas
All interiors and exterior constructions materials are non-toxic; do not get rust; tightly fitted and sealed; and provided protection against debris, vermin, ant the elements.
Water hoses is NSF approved
All walls are insulated double skin walls.


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