Fruit Push Cart
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Pre Packed Fruit Push Cart 

Ice Bin For Fruit

4″ X 40″ X 25″
Capacity 14.2 Gal
Shelve (12″ X 30″)
Enclosures (25″ X 26″ X 24″ )
Dry Food Storage (25″ X 26″ X 28″)

Waste Water Tank for 1/3 of the size of the fruit (10″ X 8″ X 25″) Provided with shut-off valve & air vent pipe to the ground
Storage compartment separated
Two Umbrellas
All interiors and exterior constructions materials are non-toxic; do not get rust; tightly fitted and sealed; and provided protection against debris, vermin, ant the elements.
Water hoses is NSF approved
All walls are insulated double skin walls.