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Step-in Mexican Food trailer

The Step-in Mexican Food Trailer is built with the necessary equipment to deliver delicious food in the city.  It is fully equipped, it even come with an extra large burner for large pots. This as any other trailer built by us is constructed from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. It has clear top windows to let the sunlight enter to save energy during the day. 

Step-in Grilling Cart

Tastee Express

The Step-in Grilling cart are compact and convenient units to work from the inside. They do come will all the required equipment and features for this type of business. Customers use these units to sell tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs, steak sandwich, etc.. These type of small carts are fully customized and are built from scratch.This is a compact cart, but very efficient. 

Compact Step-in Trailer

Tastee Express

The Compact step-in trailer is very easy to maneuver in the city and it is fully equipped. This unit was built from scratch and finishes ass accorded with with buyer. In the inside everything is stainless steel to facilitate its maintenance. This is a very reliable unit and will last many years.

Pancakes Step-in Trailer

Korean Pancakes

The pancakes step-in trailer was customized to prepare an sell Korean pancakes. The equipment installed is for its purpose and it is NSF approved as requested by the Health Department. The trailer is compact but spacious to accommodate 2-3 to work in the inside.

Taco Trailer

To sell Mexican Food in the city
Taco Food Trailer

The taco trailer is the most popular step-in trailer of its kind. The equipment in the standard  of a food trailer. These type of trailers are built from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. It accommodates 2-3 people to work from in the inside.

Small Step-In Concession Trailer

Antojitos San Miguel

The small step-in concession trailer is compact but efficient. This trailer comes withe the most necessary to run a business from the inside. It accommodates 1-2 people to work from the inside.It is built from a solid base, mounted on a trailer and finished on stainless steel. It can be easily hauled by small pick up truck.

Steamed Lamb Step-in Trailer

Barbacoa de borrego

The steamed lamb step-in trailer is built for specially for its purpose. They do come with extra steamers to keep the meat warm at all the times. These type of trailers are custom made and the equipment inside varies according to the needs. We build them from 8′ X 14′ up to 8′ X 24′, or at customer’s request

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