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14′ Step-in Food Trailer

Tacos don Chente - Our most popular step-in food trailer

The 14′ step-in trailer is our most common food trailer being manufactured at our facilities. It offers all the amenities of a full kitchen. It does come with the necessary equipment found in a standard kitchen. The step-in food trailer is made from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. With this type of unit you may cook different types of food styles. 

Custom made to customer’s request

Stainless steel construction




Taco Trailer

To sell Mexican Food in the city

The taco trailer is the most popular step-in trailer of its kind. The equipment in the standard  of a food trailer. These type of trailers are built from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. It accommodate 2-3 people to work from in the inside.

Steamed Lamb Step-in Trailer

Barbacoa de borrego

The steamed lamb step-in trailer is built for specially for its purpose. They do come with extra steamers to keep the meat warm at all the times. These type of trailers are custom made and the equipment inside varies according to the needs. We build them from 8′ X 14′ up to 8′ X 24′, or at customer’s request

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