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Tacos Food Trailer

Tacos los Cuevas
tacos food trailer

The best-seller of the year. The tacos food trailer is one of the most sold food trailers in the industry. This unit is built according to the customer specification and needs. From a solid metal structure to a stainless steel finishing, inside and outside. This type of taco food trailer can fit into a 14′ to 22′ trailers. The size is determined by the features and equipment installed inside.

Step-in trailer for tacos

This beautiful trailer for tacos was customized according to the customer’s specifications. The trailer is fully equipped with high quality equipment and complies with the County requirements. This trailer is finished inside in stainless steel and it comes with large see-thru windows.

Step-in Food Trailer

Tlaxtalita la bella
step-in trailer

The step-in food trailer has become one of the favorite units being purchased in the California State. It complies with all the state regulations at the time of its construction as it is built to customer’s specification and needs. A step-in trailer can be customized and the equipment inside can be arranged not only to look good inside but to be in the right order for the food to be prepared.

Food and shaved ice trailer

This is a food and shaved ice trailer that combines cooking and shaved ice servings. It was designed according to the customer’s specifics. It is built from a solid base and finished in stainless steel.

Pita Paradise Food Trailer by Kareem Carts

The Pita Food Trailer is a compact but full of equipment compact food trailer. It is a 14′ food trailer. The customer came with his idea, we sat together, draw and sketch and this is the result of working along with the customer. We installed the necessary equipment to make this food trailer as efficient as possible. Even though it may look small to you it is big in equipment inside.

Step-in Taco Trailer

Taco City Step In Trailer

Step-in Taco Trailer. This is a 17′ trailer, enough to have a mobile kitchen on wheels. It has everything you need to prepare and to sell tacos in the city. It is built from a solid frame made out of metal. In the inside, it is finished in stainless steel. There is enough storage space for all your utensils and because of its size the working area is great to accommodate up to 4 people inside.

Step in taco Trailer – Jorge’s Tacos

Beautiful step-in taco trailer to make and sell tacos on the road. Easy to haul, spacious and easy to maintain. The cart is built with a solid base which ensures durability for the daily use. Carts of these types are health department approved for the original buyer. We help in the paperwork and requirements for the city.

  • Steamers
  • Grill
  • Refrigerator
  • Propane Tanks
  • Generator
  • Prep Area
  • Extra large sized see-thru windows.
  • Ordering and serving windows
  • Etc.




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Zapata Step-in Taco Trailer

Beautiful step-in taco trailer manufactured to meet the requirements of the health department and the needs of the customers. This trailers was constructed using only the finest materials.

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Condiments Area
  • Prep Area
  • See thru cooking area
  • Refrigerators
  • Gill
  • Burners
  • 3-compartment sink
  • Hand wash sink





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Hot Dogs Trailer (Step-in)

Don Betos Hot Dogs
hot dogs trailer

This hot dogs trailer was manufactured at customer’s request. It includes the capabilities of a full-size mobile kitchen. You can do many things besides hot dogs in this trailer as it has additional equipment to work from the inside. In the back side, it has the standards such as the sinks and all the refrigeration. The trailer was manufactured from a solid structure and it is finished in stainless steel as per the Health Department Requirements. 

tacos al pastor trailer

A tacos al pastor trailer is a lot similar to a regular taco trailer but it includes a vertical broiler to cook Al Pastor meat. It is made from a solid base to a stainless finishing. The floor is finished in diamond plate as per city requirements. It come with all the necessary equipment, space and standards of a mobile kitchen. 

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