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Mediterranean Food Truck

The green palm
Mediterranean food truck - outside view

Mediterranean Food Truck – This food truck was built on the typical step van for the original look. It was equipped with the right equipment for its food style.

Birria food truck

Mi tierra
Birria food truck

This is how a birria food truck looks inside. When we build a birria food truck, we make it thinking of the equipment necessary to cook and sell birria on a mobile unit. Besides the equipment, the birria food truck needs to comply with all the requirements of the Health Department for an operating permit.

steamed tacos food truck

We converted a passenger bus to this beautiful steamed tacos food truck. The food truck is built with the right equipment to make and sell steamed tacos on the streets of Los Angeles.

tacos and birria food truck

A tacos & Birria food truck needs to come equipped with the proper equipment to cook and serve these menu items. Typically, a stock pot is necessary to have a large pot on it.

Shawarma Bus Food Truck

German Fusion
Shawarma Bus Food truck

We built this shawarma bus food truck, and the results are excellent. From a passenger bus to a food truck, this unit is well-equipped for its purpose. It is fully equipped as per the customer’s request, and the finished unit is just great. Aluminum floor, stainless steel finishing. Large see-thru windows, ventilation, and all the mandatory requirements of the Los Angeles and Orange Counties Health Department requirements.

Taco Food Truck

Tacos el asadero
taco food truck

Taco food truck is manufactured in Los Angeles County according to its rules and requirements. This food truck is designed with the preparation of tacos In mind.  It comes with all the equipment necessary to make it happen. This taco food truck is finished in stainless steel and an aluminum floor. It meets the requirements at the time of delivery.

Equipment: Vertical charbroiler Griddle Steam table Deep fryer Commercial refrigerator Salad bar It also has the required features in the county such as an emergency exit, entrance, service windows, water tanks, sinks, ventilation, fire suppression system, etc.Do you need a food truck? We can build it for you.Do you need a food truck similar to this unit? We can make it for you. Every unit we make is made to the buyer’s specifications. Financing: We work with financing companies to help you with your purchase. Typical requirements: California valid driver’s license Most recent income tax returns Last 3 months’ bank statements FICO score of 675 on average Espanol: Si, si hablamos espanol.

Long Step In Trailer

Corner Tacos
Tacos trailer - open windows

This is a beautiful long step in trailer. This unit was constructed with the standard amenities of a cart but a larger scale. It has extra equipment to serve a larger number of customers. It is built solidly and finished in stainless steel.

Extra Long Mobile Kitchen

Step-in food trailer
Extra long mobile kitchen

The extra long mobile kitchen is mainly built to serve large events or te help in the feeding of large group of people . It is made out of a solid structured and finished in stainless steel. The equipment installed inside is the decision of the buyer as to meed the needs of the products being delivered.

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