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Smoothies food truck

This coffee food truck was designed and made to the customer’s request. It comes with a full-size kitchen, coffee equipment, and blenders for the smoothies.  The smoothies and coffee food truck is built with durable material and finished in stainless steel.

Coffee Food Truck

Billy's Coffee
Coffee Food Truck open window

This Coffee Food Truck was 100% designed by the customer. The coffee food truck includes the necessary equipment to prepare and sell coffee in the streets of Los Angeles. All-metal structure with diamond plate floor and finished in stainless steel.

Coffee Serving – Food Truck

Designed for coffee serving
Coffee Truck by Kareem Carts

This coffee serving truck was built at customer’s request and it is specially made to serve coffee in the city. It is compact buy It comes complete for its purpose, with its center display and two top drains on the main counter. In the front it has storage and in the back it does come with the hand wash sink as required by law. An under-counter refrigerator is included. Also the truck comes with plenty of room in the top shelving area. This truck as any other truck built in our company is made to last. it is beautifully finished in stainless steel.

The Juice & Coffee Truck was manufactured according to the customers needs for delivering fresh juice and at the same time to have coffee available inside the truck. As you can appreciate the truck has all necessary equipment to make juices of many different types of fruits and vegetable. It has a coffee machine too for those willing to take the morning coffee. 

Iced Coffee Truck

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The iced coffee truck was manufactured under the customer conditions and regulations of the State of California. It comes designed and equipped with the right equipment to prepare coffee and iced coffee. The truck is built from scratch and finished in stainless steel.

  • Custom made truck
  • Stainless steel
  • Tall Refrigerator
  • Coffee Machines
  • Prep Area
  • Serving Area
  • 3-compartment sink
  • Hand wash sink
  • Refrigerated Sandwich bar
  • Service windows


Coffee Van

Service From The Outside

This coffee van was built to serve coffee from the outside. It complies with the city requirements, and it has all the necessary equipment to brew and serve coffee in the city.

Coffee Selling Truck

Brazil Coffee
Brazilian Coffee Truck

Coffee selling truck made to customer specifications and needs. It comes complete to brew coffee and to sell coffee in the city. Built from scratch and finished in stainless steel.

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