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food trailer for tacos in los angeles

This is a 14′ step-in food trailer specially made for tacos. The trailer will be used to cook and sell delicious tacos in—the Los Angeles area.

Birria food trailer

This birria food trailer was manufactured in 2023 according to Kern County requirements. It is an extended food trailer. The equipment inside goes along with the type of food that the customer needs to cook and sell his products. While this is an extended step-in food trailer, it is fully functional. The customer, who has experience in previous food trailers and restaurants, designed the layout for greater cooking efficiency.

Puebla Mexican Food Step-in trailer

Los Angeles de Puebla
Puebla food trailer

This is a beautiful step-in trailer to make and sell Poblano food on the streets of Santa Maria, California.

This is a churros step-in trailer fabricated for Northern California. This unit has all the necessary equipment to make and cook the churros inside the trailer.

Tacos food trailer - Outside view
We made this tacos food trailer to sell tacos in Northern California. Over the years, we have built a variety of food trucks and food trailers for this specific area. The client usually comes, proposes his idea, and together we design the food trailer. The result is a mobile kitchen with the right equipment, and of course, meets the requirements of the county sanitation department that is going to be approved. Installed equipment: Vertical broiler (Trompo) Griddle Stockpot Double steam table 40-pound fryer Commercial refrigerator Cold table Three-flavor fresh water dispenser It also includes: Hand wash sin 3-compartment sink with drain boards Preparation table Service window Ice bin Extraction system Fire suppression system Propane tanks Generator Ventilation Water tanks In addition, this tacos food trailer has adequate ventilation, stainless steel finish, and an aluminum floor. It also has large windows that are clear, shelving, and a storage area.This food trailer was approved in Merced County in 2022. If you need a trailer similar to this or a new design, we can make it for you. Financing [...]

Churros step-in Trailer

For Clark County - Las Vegas
Churros Trailer

This is a beautiful churros step-in trailer made for the states of Nevada and California. It is finished in stainless steel, and it is fully equipped for its purpose.

Barbacoa and tacos step-in trailer

Barbacoa step-in trailer – For people who ask where to buy a food truck or a trailita? Here we do them! This step-in trailer comes equipped with:

Step-in food trailer for Salvodorian and Mexican food

We manufactured this beautiful step-in trailer as per the customer’s request.  The Trailer comes with the necessary equipment to prepare the Latin gourmet.

Food trailer for fruit, smoothies, bionicos. Etc.

This compact step-in trailer is to sell fresh fruit, smoothies, bionicos, and ice cream. Finish in stainless steel and finished on a flat surface for the outside. The surface outside is flat since the customer decided to wrap the unit.

Step-in Tacos Food Trailer

Tacos el rojinegro

Tacos food trailer. 14′ Step-in trailer made to Los Angeles County 2022 requirements. Many customers prefer a trailer over a food truck due to pricing. A trailer is more affordable and sometimes more convenient for the customer. The kitchen is similar to a food truck, the only difference is that there it is not driveable. It comes complete and ready to work, with see-thru windows, top ventilation, stainless steel finishing, sinks, aluminum floor, shelving, storage, etc.

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