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Food trailer 16-foot for tacos al pastor

Outside finish is in stainless steel.
Food trailer - outside view

This is a 16′ food trailer for tacos al pastor. It is made according to the needs of the cooked product and the requirements needed by the health department for its approval.

The finishing is in stainless steel.

Food trailer with vertical broiler - Outside view with open windows.

Tacos Step-in Food Trailer with Vertical Broiler – 16′ This typical food trailer is mainly used for selling “Tacos al Pastor” from a mobile kitchen. It is fully equipped with the necessary equipment to cook and sell a great variety of Mexican Food. It is built from a solid metal base and finished in stainless steel.

Food trailer for Oaxaca tacos - Outside view

Oaxaca Style Tacos Step-in Food Trailer approved in Northern California | This food trailer was built at the customer’s request to have a food trailer to meet his needs.

Grilled Chicken Food Trailer – The perfect food trailer for cooking and selling grilled chicken. The trailer was manufactured as required by the customer. It comes with a charbroiler for that unique flavor that chicken gets when grilled and cooked.

Food trailer for grilling

Tacos los palma
Food trailer for grilling - front angle view, with open windows

This is a 16′ food trailer for grilling. It comes with the right equipment to grill and to sell tacos in general. 

Food trailer for Riverside County. Open windows, outside view

According to the Riverside County health department 2023 regulations, this step-in food trailer is manufactured. The food trailer was designed according to the owner’s idea and needs. The way the equipment is set up makes it very convenient for the cook to work efficiently in an ordered way.

14ft food trailer - Exterior view

Food trailer 14 ft for Sacramento, California. – The trailer was built at the customer’s request. Mainly, the trailer is made to cook and sell a large variety of tacos. From tacos “al pastor” to “barbacoa tacos.” Once we know, the type of products to be sold, we can understand the equipment needed as well as the space it will take. 

food trailer for tacos in los angeles

This is a 14′ step-in food trailer specially made for tacos. The trailer will be used to cook and sell delicious tacos in—the Los Angeles area.

Birria food trailer

This birria food trailer was manufactured in 2023 according to Kern County requirements. It is an extended food trailer. The equipment inside goes along with the type of food that the customer needs to cook and sell his products. While this is an extended step-in food trailer, it is fully functional. The customer, who has experience in previous food trailers and restaurants, designed the layout for greater cooking efficiency.

Puebla Mexican Food Step-in trailer

Los Angeles de Puebla
Puebla food trailer

This is a beautiful step-in trailer to make and sell Poblano food on the streets of Santa Maria, California.

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