Churros Step-in trailer

This churros step-in trailer was made to customer’s specifications. It comes with all the necessary equipment to make churros, from the flour until it is delivered to the customer. It is constructed from a solid structure and finished in stainless steel.

Crepes & Churros Food Trailer

Combination trailer

Crepes & Churros Food Trailer. A compact trailer to make and to sell snacks in the streets of the city. Made according to the customer’s needs. It is well-designed and every space is used to ensure it maximum efficiency.

Baked Churros Trailer Cart

Includes churro machine, and flavor fillers
churros trailer

This is a custom made churros trailer cart. The customer requested a cart to make and sell churros with different toppings. The cart comes with the churros machine, deep fryer, filling dispensers and all necessary equipment to deliver the best churros in town.

Baked Churros Trailer Cart

Includes Churro Machine and flavored filling machines

This baked churros trailer cart was made to order. A beautiful design and very reliable cart. The customer came with the ideas and we implemented them in his new Churros carts. This cart is made of stainless steel and have the equipment necessary to deliver delicious baked churros, drinks, and snacks

churros cart
Cart specially designed to sell churros Display Area Warmers Stainless Steel Constructions Storage Area Hands Washing Sink
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