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Shaved ice & Fruit Trailer Cart
The shaved ice & fruit trailer cart is a combination cart made accordingly to customer’s specs and needs.

This is a beautiful long cart. It comes with large condiments area and underneath two refrigerators can be found. In the center, it has the enclosed shaved ice machine, next to it you can find the fruit enclosed section. At the end of the cart is the hand soda bin and hand wash area. the cart is built from a solid frame and finished in stainless steel.

Fruit and Hot Dogs Cart

This is a combination cart, two products in one: Pre-packed fruit & Steamed hot dogs

The Fruit and Hot Dogs cart is made especially to accommodate these two types of products into one cart. The cart is a little bit larger than a normal cart but it is compact enough for easy maneuverability. Built on a solid frame these type of carts are very reliable and its finishing in stainless steel gives the operator the ability to keep the carts clean at all the times.

Shaved Ice & Fruit Combination Trailer Cart

This is a combination cart, two products in one
Shaved ice and fruit Cart

This is a shaved ice & fruit trailer cart; it is a combination of two of the most products sold, shaved ice and fruit. The cart is built our of a solid base and finished in stainless steel with c-thru panels in the top area. It comes with the equipment required to deliver such products. It is a medium size cart as it accommodates an area for the fruit as well a section for the display.

Custom Made Fruit Cart

with hand-wash sink and refrigerator
Custom made fruit cart

The custom made fruit cart is a unique design. It was designed by the customer and we mad it a reality. It comes with the necessary to deliver fruits in public places as well as in private parties or events. 

This custom fruit trailer cart is complete and approved in many counties in the state of California. It is built from a solid base and frame and finished in stainless steel. It is mounted on a trailer and comes with everything to sell in the streets legally. Can also be used to sell in private parties or events.

Fruit Trailer Cart no soda bin

Compact and easy to maneuver

The Fruit Trailer Cart can be used for street legal vending, It can also be used for parties, pools, and patios. Solidly constructed using only high-quality materials.

Trailer Fruit Cart with soda bin

Mounted on a trailer for easy mobility
Trailer Trailer Fruit Cart - Display area

The trailer fruit cart is specially designed to sell pre-packed fruit. It may be used for parties, pools, and patios, as well as businesses. Solidly constructed using only high quality materials. Easy to operate and to haul . One of the most popular carts in our factory being built constantly.

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