Fruit Trailer Cart no soda bin

Compact and easy to maneuver

The Fruit Trailer Cart can be used for street legal vending, It can also be used for parties, pools, and patios. Solidly constructed using only high-quality materials.

The following are standard items for this unit.

  • 8 gal. Waste water tank with underneath release valve
  • Ice chest box (17″ X 18″ X 4″)
  • Stainless Steel Shelf
  • Storage for the fresh fruit with one door (Clear Plexiglas)
  • Storage Bin ( Bottom of cart)
  • Colorful umbrella
  • Plastic door for cabinet
  • Shelf
  • Securely mounted on a trailer


This cart is approved for street vending in Los Angeles County. Other counties or states may require additional equipment for its approval. Please contact your local authorities for rtequiremens.

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