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The Falafel Factory - Falafel Food Truck

The falafel food truck is well equipped with many extras as per customer’s requests. The kitchen was built on a pre-owned vehicle and adapted to use every inch of space available. The outside was customized with the customer’s idea and it includes a tv/monitor for the dynamic menu.

Mediterranean Food Bus

This food bus is constructed with all the necessary equipment for Mediterranean food. It is very comfortable to drive and easy to maneuver. The inside was totally adapted to prepare and to sell a great variety of Mediterranean dishes.

Mediterranean food - food truck

Mediterranean food – This food truck was designed by the customer and it includes all the necessary equipment to prepare Mediterranean food. The customer decided to install extra refrigeration and we did. This food truck is finished in stainless steel as required by the County.

Smoothies & Juices Food Truck

The “Smoothies and Juice” food truck was built to serve the needs of the vendor. It comes with the equipment required to prepare the products and to keep all the ingredients fresh.

Smoothies food truck

This coffee food truck was designed and made to the customer’s request. It comes with a full-size kitchen, coffee equipment, and blenders for the smoothies.  The smoothies and coffee food truck is built with durable material and finished in stainless steel.

The food truck for tacos was made as per customer instructions. This truck meets all the 2019 requirements and it is fully equipped to cook and to sell tacos. It was totally customized from the diamond plate floor to the finest equipment installed.

Pizza Food Truck

Pizza Food Truck

Custom made Pizza Food Truck by Kareem Carts. The pizza food truck was made to order. This is a food truck that has the necessary equipment to make and to sell pizza in the streets of Los Angeles.

Funnel Cake Food Truck

Inglorious Funnels
Funnel Cake Food Truck

A funnel cake food truck is built with a larger deep fryer as this is the main purpose of the unit. This as any food truck built by Kareem Corporation is manufactured to meet the standards at the time of its original delivery. 

Sushi Food Truck

Japanese Food
Sushi food truck

A Sushi Food Truck is configured with special equipment such as a refrigerated merchandiser to be on the top of the counter, soup dispensers, food warmers and the required equipment and features established by the County.  This truck was made at customer’s request to be as efficient as possible. 

Fried chicken food truck

The fried chicken food truck was specially designed to prepare and to sell doughnuts and fried chicken. This food truck was customized with specialized equipment needed for the delivery of the products. This food truck comes with all the standards required by the Los Angeles Health Department and the extras needed by the customer.

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