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14′ Step-in Food Trailer

Tacos don Chente - Our most popular step-in food trailer

The 14′ step-in trailer is our most common food trailer being manufactured at our facilities. It offers all the amenities of a full kitchen. It does come with the necessary equipment found in a standard kitchen. The step-in food trailer is made from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. With this type of unit you may cook different types of food styles. 

Gyros Food Truck

King's Gyros & Kabob

This Gyros Food Truck was built at customer’s specifications and the equipment was arranged in a way to be as productive as posible by setting It up in the right order. The customer was aware of the regulations and standards of the Health Department and understood the process for building it. We put our best knowledge in this truck and this is the result. 

Amazing Food Truck

Smhoking Pot
extra large food truck

This amazing food truck is an Extra Large mobile kitchen. – This is an extra-large #foodtruck. It comes totally equipped and it met the requirements of the City authorities at the time of its delivery to the original owner. Only industrial equipment is used in the manufacturing of a food truck as required by law.

halal food truck

The Halal Food truck is especially made to prepare and to sell Mediterranean food. The food truck comes with everything you need to delivery your products to your customers. Microwaves, Steamer, Griddle, Doner Machines, etc. etc. We at Kareem Carts can customize a food truck for you for the type of food that you are going to be selling.

Pizza Truck

Customized to prepare and to sell pizza in the streets of Los Angeles

This pizza food truck was manufactured with the highest standards. The pizza truck comes with all the standards plus the pizza oven and equipment to prepare pizza on the road. Built from a solid base with a finishing in stainless steel.

This is a custom made food truck especially manufactured where an extra large open top burner is needed. This as any other food trucks includes all the features required by the health department and the standard equipment such as griddle, top burners, refrigerators etc. The truck es easy to drive and is very easy to operate inside the kitchen.

Food truck - International food

The type of trucks to cook international food are very general in its concept as it includes all the necessary to create such dishes. This is a very spacious 18′ food truck. The truck was built at customer request and this is the result. It is built on a solid metal frame and finished in stainless steel. Due to its size it may accommodate up to 6 people working inside. It was created even with two tall refrigerators.

Custom made food truck by Kareem Carts.

This custom made food truck was made following the needs and specification of the customer. From diamond plate floor to see-thru ceiling to enhance visibility while cooking during daylight.  This is a medium size truck but has the features and services of a large food truck.

The shrimp and taco stop food truck was especially built to the customer needs and specifications. It includes the standard features and equipment. It was built on a 18′ step van and it is solidly constructed. Its finishing is in stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Catering truck with all the equipment for catering services.  Built to last this truck is a beauty to work in. It counts with the most necessary equipment to prepare the most delicious dishes.

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