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Food Truck for Birria

Cerda Vega Tacos
Food truck for birria - Cerda Vega

This food truck for birria was built according to the requests of the customer. It complies with the current regulation (2020) of the Health Department.

This is a custom made food truck especially manufactured where an extra large open top burner is needed. This as any other food trucks includes all the features required by the health department and the standard equipment such as griddle, top burners, refrigerators etc. The truck es easy to drive and is very easy to operate inside the kitchen.

Food truck - International food

The type of trucks to cook international food are very general in its concept as it includes all the necessary to create such dishes. This is a very spacious 18′ food truck. The truck was built at customer request and this is the result. It is built on a solid metal frame and finished in stainless steel. Due to its size it may accommodate up to 6 people working inside. It was created even with two tall refrigerators.

Gourmet Food Truck

International Food Cooking

This Gourmet food truck was constructed with the finest and most durable materials. It is built to meet the needs for the cook to prepare international dishes. it comes with large windows so customers can see their food being prepared.

Fish Tacos Food Truck

Ricky's Fish Tacos
Rickis Fish Tacos - Food Truck

A fish tacos food truck varies from other as it is built with extra deep fryers to help to supply the elaboration of fried fish tacos. Besides the frying sections of this fish tacos food truck, it also comes with open top burners and griddle to compliment the cooking and serving process. The truck comes wit a large refrigeration and condiments area. All the inside is finished in stainless steel construction and it comes with plenty of bottom storage as well as plenty of top shelving.

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