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Grilled Chicken Food Trailer – The perfect food trailer for cooking and selling grilled chicken. The trailer was manufactured as required by the customer. It comes with a charbroiler for that unique flavor that chicken gets when grilled and cooked.

Pizza & Pasta Food Trailer

22' Step-in food trailer

This is a pizza & pasta food trailer. It was built inside a 22-foot unit. It comes fully equipped. The equipment includes a Pizza oven, range, deep fryer, griddle, open-top burners, steam table, meat slicer, freezer, double door refrigerator, counter refrigerator, under-counter refrigerator. The trailer complies with the 2020 current requirements in Los Angeles County.

This is a step-in trailer for seafood, totally customized by the customer. It is a 14′ and complies with the requirements of the health department in 2020. All the equipment installed is NSF and the inside finishing is stainless steel.

Tacos Food Trailer

Tacos los Cuevas
tacos food trailer

The best-seller of the year. The tacos food trailer is one of the most sold food trailers in the industry. This unit is built according to the customer specification and needs. From a solid metal structure to a stainless steel finishing, inside and outside. This type of taco food trailer can fit into a 14′ to 22′ trailers. The size is determined by the features and equipment installed inside.

Step-in trailer for tacos

This beautiful trailer for tacos was customized according to the customer’s specifications. The trailer is fully equipped with high quality equipment and complies with the County requirements. This trailer is finished inside in stainless steel and it comes with large see-thru windows.

Custom made food trailer

Rigoberto Step-in trailer
Custom made Food Trailer

This custom made food trailer was brought by the customer. it was empty but the customer had the idea to convert it into a mobile kitchen. We did it. We insulate the walls, and we created everything from the structure to the final touches. The result of a complete mobile kitchen.

Crepes and desserts trailer

Step-in trailer to make and sale crepes and desserts. It comes with the necessary equipment and it does comply with the health department requirements (2019). This type of step-in trailers are typical compact, from 10 to 12 feet (3.66 m) long. However, they are fully equipped to make your mobile business as successful as you want it.

Nieve de garrafa - Step in trailer

Nieve de Garrafa. It is a specially made type of ice cream from Jalisco Mexico. This step-in trailer was built having in mind the needs of the customer. It is spacious and the right equipment was installed to preserve the right temperature of the products.

Grilling step-in food trailer

The grilling step-in trailer is made with a larger section for the grilling. It includes all the features, but it mainly focused on the grilling. This trailer is made from a custom solid base and finished in stainless steel. 

Pita Step-in Food Trailer

Pita Paradise #2
Pita Step-in Trailer

Pita Step-in Trailer – The story behind these two pita step-in trailers begins two years ago when they purchased their first unit from us. These two brand new units are designed with the experienced they acquired cooking in their original trailer. The layout is different and it meets their needs to prepare and to serve their delicious and famous plates. These as any other step-in trailer built in our facilities were created using high quality equipment and materials. The trailers are made from a solid base and finished in 100% stainless steel.

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