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Smoothies & Juices Food Truck

The “Smoothies and Juice” food truck was built to serve the needs of the vendor. It comes with the equipment required to prepare the products and to keep all the ingredients fresh.

This truck was built to cover all customers’ needs. Built on  a late model truck with a solid frame and finished in stainless steel this truck delivers state of the art equipment. The truck is made for durability and reliability to ensure years and years of work. This is the reason why many customers come to us, customers know this is an investment and not an expense.

The Juice & Coffee Truck was manufactured according to the customers needs for delivering fresh juice and at the same time to have coffee available inside the truck. As you can appreciate the truck has all necessary equipment to make juices of many different types of fruits and vegetable. It has a coffee machine too for those willing to take the morning coffee. 

Pressed Juice Truck

Organic Kreation

The Pressed Juice Truck was manufactured for its specific purpose. It includes the necessary equipment to create and to sell Fresh organic juice in the city. 

The pressed juicery truck is a medium size truck but capable of making and delivering its products across the city.

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