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Coffee Trailer Cart

Another kind of sunrise - Mobile Coffee Cart

The Coffee Trailer was made especially for the customer who want to sell coffee on a mobile unit. The cart is built from a solid base and it is finished totally in stainless steel. It can be used as a trailer and as a push cart for easy maneuver.

Coffee Trailer Cart

Hot and cold coffee

Coffee Trailer Cart – This cart was built and mounted on a trailer for easy transportation. The cart is compact buy it is s self-efficient to prepare and to sell coffee on the street. It does come with machinery necessary. It was built on a solid frame and finished in stainless steel. It includes the propane system to provide hot water to the hand wash sink.

This step-in coffee trailer is a beautiful piece of art. The customer can work from the inside to have everything under the roof. Includes all the necessary machinery, and utensils to elaborate delicious coffee. This cart can be used as trailer and since the jack is removable it can also be used as a push cart. 

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