Commissary for small to medium size carts in Los Angeles County

Commissary Means a food facility that accommodates all operations necessary to support mobile food  facilities and mobile support units.

We offer commissary services within the city of Los Angeles. Call us to inquire about our low rates.





General Information 1 (855) KAREEM CARTS & (323)232-6880

4423 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles , CA 90037

5850 Avalon Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90003.

Prep Area

  • Large sinks for washing of utensils.
  • Stainless Steel Prep Table Available
  • Mop Stainless Steel Sinks

Unit Wash Area

  • For customers to wash their carts
  • Disposal of water tanks
  • Fill up of water tanks

Parking Spaces For Small and Medium Trailers and Push Carts ONLY

  • Inside commissary
  • Customers may leave their carts parked overnight
  • Dedicated parking space for customers
  • Month to Month Rentals

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