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Grilling step-in food trailer

The grilling step-in trailer is made with a larger section for the grilling. It includes all the features, but it mainly focused on the grilling. This trailer is made from a custom solid base and finished in stainless steel. 

Truck with a grilling cart

Antojitos tepeaca
Prep area
Built at customer's request. Grilling area Condiments area Display and serving area Storage Clean and waste water tanks Etc...
Grilling cart mounted on a van

This grilling cart mounted on a truck was specially customized to sell tacos, quesadillas, and related Latin food. It is a grilling cart to work from the outside. It has all the main features of a regular grilling cart. Many people love this idea as it is more convenient to move around in the city.

Stationary Grilling Cart

Tastee Exprexx


Thee stationary grilling cart has a special feature where the hitch can be remove to make it look like a stationary. The cart is well designed and equipped with all the necessary to cook and to sell in the streets.

Compact Grilling Cart

Dannys Antojitos
Grilling cart

The compact grilling cart features the same amenities as a larger unit but in reduced size. It is built from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. With this unit you can sell tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs with bacon, and pastrami

Long Grilling Cart

Street kitchen
Grilling cart

This long grilling cart is more roomy compared to the standard size grilling carts. It was designed by us having the ideas of the customer in mind

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