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Birria food trailer

This birria food trailer was manufactured in 2023 according to Kern County requirements. It is an extended food trailer. The equipment inside goes along with the type of food that the customer needs to cook and sell his products. While this is an extended step-in food trailer, it is fully functional. The customer, who has experience in previous food trailers and restaurants, designed the layout for greater cooking efficiency.

Birria food truck

Mi tierra
Birria food truck

This is how a birria food truck looks inside. When we build a birria food truck, we make it thinking of the equipment necessary to cook and sell birria on a mobile unit. Besides the equipment, the birria food truck needs to comply with all the requirements of the Health Department for an operating permit.

tacos and birria food truck

A tacos & Birria food truck needs to come equipped with the proper equipment to cook and serve these menu items. Typically, a stock pot is necessary to have a large pot on it.

Food Truck for Birria

Cerda Vega Tacos
Food truck for birria - Cerda Vega

This food truck for birria was built according to the requests of the customer. It complies with the current regulation (2020) of the Health Department.

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