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Barbacoa and tacos step-in trailer

Barbacoa step-in trailer – For people who ask where to buy a food truck or a trailita? Here we do them! This step-in trailer comes equipped with:

14′ Step-in Food Trailer

Tacos don Chente - Our most popular step-in food trailer
tacos trailer

The 14′ step-in trailer is our most common food trailer being manufactured at our facilities. It offers all the amenities of a full kitchen. It does come with the necessary equipment found in a standard kitchen. The step-in food trailer is made from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. With this type of unit you may cook different types of food styles. 


An Airstream converted into a food truck
Airstream converted to food truck

The Airstream was converted from a mobile home to a state of the art mobile kitchen. The equipment installed complements the design of its interior. It is finished totally in stainless steel. The equipment in a food truck is arranged according to the customer’s needs and requirements. Remember, this is a mobile kitchen, and everything mus be contained in it. 

Pita Paradise Food Trailer by Kareem Carts

The Pita Food Trailer is a compact but full of equipment compact food trailer. It is a 14′ food trailer. The customer came with his idea, we sat together, draw and sketch and this is the result of working along with the customer. We installed the necessary equipment to make this food trailer as efficient as possible. Even though it may look small to you it is big in equipment inside.

Step-in Taco Trailer

Taco City Step In Trailer

Step-in Taco Trailer. This is a 17′ trailer, enough to have a mobile kitchen on wheels. It has everything you need to prepare and to sell tacos in the city. It is built from a solid frame made out of metal. In the inside, it is finished in stainless steel. There is enough storage space for all your utensils and because of its size the working area is great to accommodate up to 4 people inside.

Pollos Sinaloa

A Trailer to grill chicken is specially made with an extended grill to accommodate several chickens at the same time. The trailer met all the standards at the time of its original purchase/delivery. The trailer comes with propane tanks and a generator. This is a beautiful unit to operate and to make cooking a pleasant experience. The unit is very spacious and very easy to clean inside and outside.

This trailer to grill is fully equipped for its intentional use. The equipment must be NSF certified and comply with the laws at the time of inspection at the actual County where it is being licensed.

This grilled chicken step-in trailer was built at customer request and special specifications. The grill area is extra large to grill chicken on order and it accommodates a larger number of pieces than normal grills. Built from a solid base, it is a very reliable unit to deliver your products in the city. It is finished in stainless steel and all its installations are at a commercial level to meet the state and city requirements ,

Slanging Corea – Grilling Trailer

Custom made to cook Korean food and catering service

  • Stainless steel
  • Grill
  • Prep area
  • Serving area
  • Refrigerators
  • Etc.



Step-in Concession Trailer Custom built at customer’s requests and specifications. This is a very common trailer with a kitchen inside. It is made from a solid all metal base to all finished stainless steel surface. It comes with the necessary equipment to prepare and to serve food on mobile or stationary places. 

Hot Dog Trailer Cart

Steamed hot dogs

The hot dog trailer cart is one of the most sold carts in the market for street food vending in America. It complies with the city requirements at the time of its delivery when new. For an easy maintenance it is built on stainless steel. it does come with propane system for the heaters and another propane system for the hot water.

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