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Roasted Corn Trailer

We build many kind of carts, trailers and trucks. This is a special trailer to sell from the inside roasted corn trailer.

Step in Grilling Cart

Tastee Xpress

This is a compact step in trailer grilling cart. The cart has all the necessary equipment to prepare food inside the unit. It offers the convenience of a large unit inside this small trailer. It is built from scratch, that is, a solid base to mount the equipment and finished in stainless steel to give it an always clean look. 

step-in concession trailer

This step-in concession trailer was built having in mind the needs of the customer. The customer came to us with an idea and we sat together to have as a result an excellent mobile kitchen just as desired. It is an step-in that has all the necessary equipment to cook inside. It is powered by a generator and it does come with propane tanks for the burners and griddle. Its construction is made out of a solid base and finished in stainless steel. Diamond plate flooring, extra large windows, emergency exit.

Hot Dogs Trailer 2012

Steamed hot dogs trailer

Our most popular cart, The Steamed Hot Dogs Trailer Cart. This cart was approved at the time of its delivery. It comes complete with all the necessary for the selling of steamed hot dogs across the city. Th cart also comes with a beverages bin compartment.

Extra Long Mobile Kitchen

Step-in food trailer
Extra long mobile kitchen

The extra long mobile kitchen is mainly built to serve large events or te help in the feeding of large group of people . It is made out of a solid structured and finished in stainless steel. The equipment installed inside is the decision of the buyer as to meed the needs of the products being delivered.

Compact Step-in Trailer

Tastee Express

The Compact step-in trailer is very easy to maneuver in the city and it is fully equipped. This unit was built from scratch and finishes ass accorded with with buyer. In the inside everything is stainless steel to facilitate its maintenance. This is a very reliable unit and will last many years.

Kettle Popcorn

Mounted on a trailer for easy mobility
Kettle Popcorn Cart

Kettle Popcorn Cart – This is compact cart specially made to sell kettle pop corn in the streets of the city. Even though it is compact, this cart meets the needs of the seller. The cart is finished in stainless steel for easy maintenance and durability.

Pancakes Step-in Trailer

Korean Pancakes

The pancakes step-in trailer was customized to prepare an sell Korean pancakes. The equipment installed is for its purpose and it is NSF approved as requested by the Health Department. The trailer is compact but spacious to accommodate 2-3 to work in the inside.

The cool haus - step-in ice cream trailer

Totally Customized Trailer Step In Ice Cream Cart.

  • 100% Stainless Steel construction
  • See-thru windows made of durable Plexiglas
  • Heavy-duty towing system
  • Durable closing door
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