Custom Made Pop Corn Carts

Kettle Popcorn

Mounted on a trailer for easy mobility

Kettle Popcorn Cart – This is compact cart specially made to sell kettle pop corn in the streets of the city. Even though it is compact, this cart meets the needs of the seller. The cart is finished in stainless steel for easy maintenance and durability.

  • Kettle machine
  • Two folding tables on the side
  • Hydraulic closing doors
  • Hand washing sink
  • Trash compartment
  • Storage
  • Serving area
  • display Area
  • Can be customized at customer’s request


This a basic kettle popcorn cart and can be fully customized to meet your needs. For price information please contact us or visit us during normal business hours. 

Do you need help with the permits? We help you with the permits, and if you are in Los Angeles County we will process all the paperwork. You will pay only for your permit at the time of your appointment with the Health Department

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