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Grilled Chicken Food Trailer

El pollo norteño
Grilled Chicken Food Trailer

Extra long grilled chicken food trailer

This grilled chicken food trailer was built at customer request. This trailer required an extra long grill to accommodate a larger number of chickens to be grilled. In addition to the magnificent grill size, it includes all necessary equipment to cook, and to serve grilled chicken. The food trailer was built from a solid base and finished on stainless steel. Another request the extra large windows for the customer to see how their chicken is being cooked and served. Extra long, but easy to maneuver.

A Trailer to grill chicken is specially made with and extended grill to accommodate several chickens at the same time. The trailer met all the standards at the time of its original purchase / delivery. Trailer comes wit propane tanks and generator. This is a beautiful unit to operate and to make of cooking a pleasant experience. The unit is very spacious and very easy to clean inside and outside.

This grilled chicken step-in trailer was built at customer request and special specifications. The grill area is extra large to grill chicken on order and it accommodates a larger number of pieces than normal grills. Built from a solid base, it is a very reliable unit to deliver your products in the city. It is finished in stainless steel and all its installations are at a commercial level to meet the state and city requirements ,

A&E Rotisserie Peruvian Chicken

Especially made with a rotisserie oven inside to prepare chicken in quantity

After sitting together with the customer we came up with this truck especially made to prepare Peruvian chicken. It includes the oven and all necessary equipment to prepare such delicious food.

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