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Food trailer 16-foot for tacos al pastor

Outside finish is in stainless steel.
Food trailer - outside view

This is a 16′ food trailer for tacos al pastor. It is made according to the needs of the cooked product and the requirements needed by the health department for its approval.

The finishing is in stainless steel.

Food trailer with vertical broiler - Outside view with open windows.

Tacos Step-in Food Trailer with Vertical Broiler – 16′ This typical food trailer is mainly used for selling “Tacos al Pastor” from a mobile kitchen. It is fully equipped with the necessary equipment to cook and sell a great variety of Mexican Food. It is built from a solid metal base and finished in stainless steel.

tacos al pastor trailer

A tacos al pastor trailer is a lot similar to a regular taco trailer but it includes a vertical broiler to cook Al Pastor meat. It is made from a solid base to a stainless finishing. The floor is finished in diamond plate as per city requirements. It come with all the necessary equipment, space and standards of a mobile kitchen. 

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