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Smoothies and coffee food truck

This coffee food truck was designed and made to the customer’s request. It comes with a full-size kitchen, coffee equipment, and blenders for the smoothies.  The smoothies and coffee food truck is built with durable material and finished in stainless steel.

Equipment and features installed:

  • Refrigerator
  • Refrigerated salad bar
  • Freezer
  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee machine
  • Deep fryer
  • Griddle
  • Open top burners
  • Hand wash sink
  • 3-compartments sink
  • Prep area
  • Service window
  • Exterior enclosed Monitor display

Standard features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Water tanks
  • Propane tank
  • Generator
  • Diamond plate floor
  • Skylights
  • See-thru windows
  • Service windows
  • Entry
  • Emergency Exit
  • ANSUL System
  • Exhaust System
  • Electrical / plumbing at commercial grade level
  • Hot water


This food truck was approved at the time of delivery to the first buyer by the Health Department. Do you need a similar  coffee truck? We can make it for you.


Designing a truck it’s the first step to manufacture a food truck.

  • First, you need to know what product are you going to be selling.
  • Second, what equipment do you need to make / prepare / sell your product

Once we know this information we can design your truck and determine the size.


We work with financing companies to help you with your purchase. Also, you may use a financing company of your choice.


Para su conveniencia contamos con personal bilingüe que le puede ayudar con su compra. Usted puede diseñar su propio carro o ver algunos de los que están en construcción al tiempo de su visita a nuestra oficina. Cualquier carrito o lonchera que hagamos tiene que ser aprobada por salubridad antes de fabricarla.

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