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Steamed Tacos Food Truck

La campeona

We converted a passenger bus to this beautiful steamed tacos food truck. The food truck is built with the right equipment to make and sell steamed tacos on the streets of Los Angeles.


  • Deep fryer
  • 36″ flat griddle
  • Open-top burners
  • Double Steam table
  • Double door refrigerator
  • Salad bar

All the interior is finished in stainless steel and has an aluminum floor. The steamed tacos food truck also has more equipment to support the kitchen appliances.

  • Generator
  • Propane tanks
  • Exhaust system
  • Fire suppression system

Steamed tacos food truck

This food truck was approved in Los Angeles County in 2022. If you need a food truck similar to this or a new design, we can make it for you.

Financing: We work with financing companies to help you with your purchase.

Typical requirements:

  • California valid driver’s license
  • Most recent income tax returns
  • Last three months’ bank statements
  • FICO score of 675 on average

Espanol: Si, si hablamos espanol.

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