Another example of our work

This cart is not for sale. It is for the sole purpose of showing our work.

Food Truck – Asian Food

This truck is a 18′ . It was customized and equipped according to the specifications and needs of the customer to prepare Asian food. Built on a solid base using first quality materials, this trucks is made to last for many years of service. It is finished on stainless steel to ensure its durability and to be maintained easily by the operators. It includes a see-thru ceiling for the comfort of the operators and major visibility.


  • Steamers
  • Gas Burners
  • Prep Area
  • Flat Grill
  • Service Area
  • Deep Fryer
  • 3 Compartment sink
  • Hand wash sink
  • Beverages display area
  • Larger Prep Area
  • Condiments Section
  • Large Refrigerator
  • Under Counter Refrigerator
  • Bottom storage
  • Top shelving
  • Fire Suppression System



The truck was approved for Los Angeles County at the time of its delivery. It is constructed with the highest standard of quality and manufacturing. Get yours at Kareem Carts  1 (855) Kareem Carts. For your convenience we offer financing through financial institutions.


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