Food truck for Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean Food

A Mediterranean food truck it’s constructed with the required equipment as per customer’s instructions. The arrangement is unique and must be in the proper order to be as efficient as possible.  Built from a solid base and firm structure, this food truck delivers a reliable place of business for business. 

Full size kitchen in this beautiful food truck.

The food truck comes with:

  • Reach-in Refrigerator
  • Refrigerated salad bar
  • Under counter refrigerator
  • Prep area
  • 3-compartment sink
  • Hand wash sink
  • Service window
  • Steamer
  • Griddle
  • Char broiler
  • Open top burner
  • Prep area
  • Beverage bin
  • ANSU System
  • Generator
  • Propane tank
  • Shelving
  • Storage
  • Diamond plate flooring
  • Stainless steel finishing
  • Air conditioning
  • C-thru ceiling
  • Exhaust system

In addition to the equipment it is built under strict standards. All electrical, plumbing, and fire connections must be installed at a commercial level. Every equipment is secured ad per city requirements.

This food truck was built at customer’s request. It met the requirements at the Health Department and was approved before its construction by City Of Los Angeles.  If you need a food truck, we can help you with the design to ensure that the project will be approved.

This Mediterranean food truck is just one of many examples of the different types of units that we have manufactured.


If you need financing, we can refer your to a financing company or you may bring one that you may have a record with.


Please come and visit us. We are here to help you, from a fruit cart to a full sized mobile kitchen.

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