Snacks Cart on a trailer

This snacks cart was specially made and designed for the customer willing to have something unique and reliable. It is built on a solid and it is solidly constructed. The snacks cart is a compact but efficient cart to sell snack and beverages in the city. This could be your own mobile business. Get yours now.


  • Refrigerator
  • Display
  • Merchandiser
  • Soda Bin

The cart is built out of stainless steel and securely mounted on a solid trailer for its transportation.

This cart was approved at the time of the delivery. It complied with the regulations of the city and health department.

This was a cart completely designed by the buyer. You can also have your own cart by making design, and we will ensure that it is approved by the Health Department in your county.


You have the option to pay in cash, bring your financing institution or work with one of the financing companies that we deal. It is your cart, it is your decision.

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