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Doughnuts N Fried Chicken Food Truck


The fried chicken food truck was specially designed to prepare and to sell doughnuts and fried chicken. This food truck was customized with specialized equipment needed for the delivery of the products. This food truck comes with all the standards required by the Los Angeles Health Department and the extras needed by the customer.

Fried chicken food truck

Fried chicken food truck manufactured by Kareem Cart Company in Los Angeles

Food Truck includes:

  • Pressure fryer
  • Deep Fryers
  • Food Warmer
  • Sandwich Press
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerated condiments area
  • Under counter refrigeration
  • Centered service window
  • Prep areas
  • Top shelving
  • Standing Racks
  • Hand wash sink
  • 3-Compartment sink
  • Diamond plate flooring
  • Air conditioning
  • Propane
  • Generator


This food truck as every item we built must meet the standards at the time of its delivery to the original owner. As of 2018, this truck met the basic standards, electricity, propane lines, plumbing, water tanks, proper ventilation, and the highest selection of stainless steel components to give not only the cleanest appearance, but at the same time a breeze to maintain it in optimal conditions.

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