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Funnel Cake Food Truck

Inglorious Funnels

A funnel cake food truck is built with a larger deep fryer as this is the main purpose of the unit. This as any food truck built by Kareem Corporation is manufactured to meet the standards at the time of its original delivery. 

Funnel cake food truck includes:


  • Refrigerator
  • Refrigerated salad bar with under counter refrigerator
  • Slide door Freezer
  • Deep fryer
  • Open top burner
  • Char broiler
  • Top shelving
  • Bottom stage
  • Diamond plate floor
  • ANSUL system
  • 3-compartment sink
  • Hand wash sink
  • Large see-thru front/side window
  • Generator
  • Propane


This type of truck requires the correct arrangement of the equipment. We sat together with the customer and came up the with the best options and best selection of the equipment for such a project. This was a customized food truck, if you need a truck with similar or totally different layout. We are here to work for you.


Yes, we work with financing companies. Or, you may use a financing company of your choice.


We can help you with the licensing of the unit if you are in Los Angeles area, for all other counties we can direct you how to obtain it.


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