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Funnel Cake Food Truck

Inglorious Funnels
Funnel Cake Food Truck

A funnel cake food truck is built with a larger deep fryer as this is the main purpose of the unit. This as any food truck built by Kareem Corporation is manufactured to meet the standards at the time of its original delivery. 

Snacks step-in food trailer

The snacks step-in food trailer was designed according to the customer’s needs and ideas. It comes with all the necessary equipment that you might need in the business. This is a very spacious unit, made out of from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. All the floor is made of aluminum diamond plate. Extra large windows, and a lot of prep areas.

Funnel Cake Trailer Cart

Step-in Trailer
Exterior of the funnel cake food truck

Beautiful Funnel Cake trailer cart to make the cooking a perfect experience. The trailer was designed according to the buyer expectations and needs. It comes complete with the necessary equipment for the cook. Stainless steel construction ensures durability and cleanness The trailer was approved by Los Angeles County Health Department at the time of the delivery. Common size 24′ X 8′

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