Grilling Cart Mounted on a Trailer

With griddle, steamer and double refrigerator

The grilling cart is one of the favorite carts you see in the streets of Los Angeles It is a mid size mobile kitchen, and complies with all the requirements of the city and Health Department at the time of its delivery. Is easy to maintain and to move around in the city.


  • Griddle
  • Steamers
  • Refrigerator
  • Refrigerated salad bar
  • Prep Area
  • Serving Area
  • Shelving
  • Storage
  • Wing stainless steel doors
  • ANSUL System
  • 3-compartment sink
  • Hand wash sink
  • Soda bin
  • Propane Tank
  • Generator


Brochure (PDF File)

This cart was manufactured by Kareem Carts and it met the Health Department requirements at the time of its delivery. If you need a trailer similar to this or you have your own concept. Please get in contact with us, and we will build it for you.


For your convenience, we work with financing companies to help you with your purchase. Or if you prefer, you may pay in cash or use any other financial institution of your preference.

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