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Share a meal Food Truck

Food Truck Documentary

Share A Meal Documentary

from 11Frames Productions Plus 2 weeks ago Not Yet Rated

Director: Per Norberg
Cameraman: Gene Nagata
Editing: Jose Pascual
Color grading: Richard Martos

Share A Meal is a concept based on the idea of donating nutritional, vegan meals to homeless people. The project is financed from meals sold during lunch service around the LA area and volunteers then help prepare and distribute the food to people in need during evenings. Share A Meal is a daily expression of the compassion and humility in our spirit. The people that are served are the forgotten lot in our society. Each one of them have a story behind how they got where they are. It is not our job to judge them. Our role is to help nourish their body and spirit at that critical phase of their life’s journey. The volunteers not only serve the hot meals they helped

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