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Hot Dogs Cart

Steamed Hot Dogs
Hot dogs vending cart

The steamed hot dogs cart is the most popular street food cart in America. Our hot dogs cart is built from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. It is very convenient for street-side vending, whether you have a reduced space or an open place such as the pier. It has all the necessary features needed for delivering steamed hot dogs, snacks and sodas. It is easy to tow with your vehicle.

Hot Dogs Step-in Trailer

Steamed and grilled hot dogs
hot dogs step-in trailer

This hot dogs step-in trailer was built to sell hot dogs and many other related products. Its construction is very similar to a full-sized kitchen. It comes with all necessary to cook not only hot dogs but unlimited choices. Built from a solid basis and finished in stainless steel this trailer is one of the best option for many mobile business to go across the city delivering its products.

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