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Four Winters - Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream

The Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Truck is made to serve cooled ice cream. There is a new trend for this type of ice cream and we made this truck according to the specifications needed. The liquid nitrogen ice cream truck is cut and finished according to the equipment installed, it is designed following the indications of the customer. The finishing of this nitrogen ice cream truck is stainless steel to meet the standards and requirements of the health department. It features large see-thru windows so customers can see how their ice cream is prepared. 

Italian Ice Cream Push Cart

Carrasco's Ice Cream

Italian ice cream pushcart built at customer’s specifications and requests. This cart was constructed with the finest materials and 100% stainless steel, with a see-thru clear Plexiglas.

Pre-packed Ice Cream

yellow truck
Pre-Packed Ice cream truck

A Pre-packed Ice Cream must be manufactured to the specification of the product such as freezers and refrigerators. These units require do require an emphasis as the products depend on the temperature of the units. We made this truck according to the needs of the customer. It is finished in stainless steel and has all the amenities as a standard food truck.

Ice Cream Truck

The yellow truck
ice cream truck

The ice cream truck differs from a food truck as no cooking system is installed. The ice cream truck is mainly composed of refrigeration, it comes with a larger generator to supply enough power to the freezers and refrigerators. This truck offer more amenities such as shaved ice, and nachos. It has all the standards, dry storage, top shelving, stainless steel finishing, diamond plate flooring etc. At the request of the buyer, we installed an exterior display under the service window. This display is very useful to show your products straight to the buyer.

Ice Cream Push Carts

For pre-packed ice cream & machine dispensed ice cream

These type of ice cream push carts are for pre-packed and machine dispensed ice cream or shaved ice. They are manufactured according to the needs of the vendor and comply with all the regulations at the time of its delivery.

Ice cream for dogs Truck

Phydough Truck
ice cream for dogs truck

The ice cream for dogs trucks was a especial truck that required a different set up. Of course it includes the sliding door freezer, plenty of shelving, top and bottom storage. Large prep area and a front display under the service window. 

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