Custom made food Truck by Kareem Carts

Custom made food truck by Kareem Carts.

This custom made food truck was made following the needs and specification of the customer. From diamond plate floor to see-thru ceiling to enhance visibility while cooking during daylight.  This is a medium size truck but has the features and services of a large food truck.

Equipment and features.:

  • Tall refrigerator
  • Under counter refrigerator
  • Grill
  • Flat grill
  • Two top burners
  • Two deep fryers
  • Condiments area
  • Rear prep area
  • Front prep area
  • 3 Compartments Sink
  • Hand wash sink
  • Top shelving
  • Bottom shelving
  • Generator
  • Propane tank


This truck was approved by the Health Department at the time of its delivery to the original owner from Kareem Carts. It meets all California Codes

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